What Is Nutrient Film Technique?


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Published: 9 Nov 2021

Plan and Maintenance of a Non-Flooding Aquaponics System

Water is pumped or flows through a mechanical filter into a biofilter or a sump tank in NFT. The water is pumped directly into the fish tank from the sump tank, while the water is distributed through the NFT pipes equally. The water flows down through the grow pipes.

The water is returned to the biofilter or the fish tank after exiting the grow pipes. The water that enters the fish tank causes the tank to overflow through the exit pipe and back into the mechanical filter. The water in the fish tank flows consistently, which makes the NFT technique a non-flooding system.

Plants are placed into the grow pipes with holes on the top of the pipe. Once the plants start to consume the water, the root systems will begin to develop inside the grow pipes. The roots receive a large amount of oxygen because of the shallow film of water at the bottom of each pipe.

The biofilter is usually a tank or barrel that holds a porous medium that is heavily aerated and should be located after the fish tank and solid filter. The water is pumped from the biofilter into each pipe with a small equal flow, creating a stream of shallow water flowing along the bottom. Plants develop a root system inside grow pipes when they consume water rich in nitrates.

Keeping a shallow stream of water ensures that the roots get enough oxygen. The round pipes are the best in NFT because they are readily available in most locations. It is advisable to choose a pipe with the right diameter.

Hydroponics: A Cotton Wick System

The NFT is a standard practice essential to Hydroponics. It is one of the six main types of systems and is known for its efficient use of water, ease of set up, and accurate feeding results. NFT is considered an active system because it contains moving parts.

If there is no back-up plan, yields can be destroyed in a power outage. The simplest Hydroponic systems use a cotton wick to move the water, and are called passive systems. The wick system is used for teaching or for simple do-it-yourself gardening.

A New Type of Active Hydroponics for Growing Vegetable and Herbium

NFT is similar to ebb-and-flow Hydroponics, except NFT is active which means the water or the solution continuously flows over the roots ensuring they are fed and watered properly. The system is ideal for crops that can be grown in a few weeks. Anyone can grow vegetables and herbs with the NFT system.

The chamber or channel where the roots grow should have a larger surface and be in a slightly inclined position so the solution can flow through it. The solution is pumped from the growing chamber to the higher end of the growing chamber. After it passes through the chamber, it will go through a tube and return to the reservoir.

A Self-Standing NFT System for Growing Fruits and Squash

The design of a very shallow solution pouring down through the tubing is what all of the other ways to design a film technique system take after. The bare roots of the plants absorb the water's water content when they come into contact with it. The NFT system is similar to the Ebb and Flow technique in that they both use water pumps to deliver the nutrients to your plants.

There is a The NFT system is a constantly flowing one, unlike the flood and drain mechanics of an Ebb and Flow setup. The NFT system is best suited to grow plants that are lightweight and can be quickly eaten.

People have grown perennial plants like strawberries in commercial production. If you want to grow tomatoes or squash, you need a self-standing system. The roots of heavy crops are not strong enough to hold a lot of weight, so the NFT is not suitable for planting.

The channels are usually made of water-tight materials such as a plastic film or a round tube. There are holes on the pipe. The grow tray is joined by a pump on the high end and a pipe on the low end.

There is an air stone inside the reservoir that can be used to oxygenate the water outside. The NFT system is a recirculating one so the NFT system's reservoir is used to contain the solution. The number of plants you want to grow affects the size of the reservoir.

The Natural Fluid Filter

NFT is easy to operate once set up. The water is self-contained so it doesn't lose water. Plants can absorb as much oxygen and nutrition as needed without drying up.

Vertical farming with NFT system

The plants need the necessary resources. The root health of the plants is good because of the oxygen that comes from the solution. The grow trays should be inclined so that the water can flow.

An NFT system is also well suited for vertical farming, as several growth trays can be mounted one above the other without any problems. Each plant takes out the necessary vitamins and minerals from the water. The disadvantage of NFT is that it is not suitable for all plants and small technical faults can quickly turn into big problems.

The Nutrient Film System for Growing Gullies

The water movement is slow and it does not take a large pump to supply the solution to the system if the gullies are within a foot or two of the reservoir. Some crops can rot away due to overfeeding and water logging, because the roots are continuously bathed in the film of the Nutrient film. The NFT system is best suited for growing plants that are quick to grow.

2 inch or square PVC pipe can be used as a gullies in a homemade setup. You should avoid material made with heavy metals and look for UV resistant food grade materials. Food grade pipe is used for delivering the solution from the water pump to the grow area.

You should also include a half-inch drainage pipe for draining the excess solution from the other end of the gully back into the water supply. The number of pipes should correspond to the number of grow gullies. Monitoring your system's dissolved oxygen or DO is a must to get the best growth from your garden.

Nutrient Film Techniques for Growing Plant

The Flood and Drain method is a way of using water cycles. It is one of the most popular methods for growing plants because it is easy to set up and can grow many different types of plants. Plants are placed in a grow tray in an Ebb and Flow system.

The grow tray is above a large amount of water and nutrients. A water pump brings water up from the grow tray. The water slowly trickles back into the reservoir through a drain tube.

Unlike other Hydroponics methods, deb and flow can be used to grow almost any plant. The only thing that is limiting is whether your plants can fit in the grow tray. Plants are placed in a grow tray.

The grow tray is above a full of solution. A water pump brings water from the water source to the grow tray. The key to the Nutrient Film Technique is that the grow tray is placed on angle so that the water flows from its source downwards into a drain tube.

The water flows back into the lake. The water and the nutrients are constantly moving in NFT. Fresh food can be found in the comfort of your home if you have a Hydroponics hobby.

Growing Symbiotic Plants with NFT Hydroponic System

Plants are placed in a special flow cell using the NFT Hydroponic system. The water is moved through the cell by a pump. The frame contains the plant roots and the roots are exposed to a thin film of solution that falls from the above.

The constant moist environment that results from the continuous drips from the plant tray above the growth media encourages even plant growth. The growth media water is captured in the bottom of the system and recirculated back into the system. You can grow plants in a cell or in a single plant.

The size of the cells should match the size of the plants, if you have limited grow space, you will want to work with smaller plants. The system is good for plants that need some kind of support. NFT systems are usually used with leafy greens like lettuce and kale, but any plant that can be grown in soil can be grown with NFT systems.

NFT limits the space wherebacteria and other microbes can grow by making sure there is no excessive film formation the surface of the water. It completely avoids the possibility of a oxygen deficiency in other types of Hydroponic systems. Many commercial greenhouses use the NFT system to grow vegetables.

There is a problem with the film technique. It saves a lot of energy since no equipment is used. The system can take a long time before vegetables are ready for consumption.

A Truncheon and pH Meter for Plant Growth

The plants need a solution for their growth. A solution that provides all the necessary ingredients for a plant to grow in a Hydroponic system is called a Nutrient solution. If you purchase the ingredients from any gardening shops or horticulture centers, you can mix it with water and make your own solution.

Most growers mix their own blend of solutions for their plants, and they keep their own mix confidential. Growers have to keep trying to get the perfect mix because of the hard work. If you get the right mix of vitamins, you have to check the pH level.

The simplest way to determine the pH level is with a truncheon and a pH meter. The majority of mainstream tomato breeds can be found with a pH of 6.0 and a CF of 18 to 20. It is advisable for you to buy your own truncheon and pH meter to ensure your plants receive the best nutrition possible, as each type of plant thrives differently in different conditions.

Both types of equipment can be purchased online. You should get a clone or seed for the plant you purchase. You should transfer the seed or clone to the small Rockwool cubes after stabilizing them.

A comparison of different systems for growing plants

There are multiple systems you can use to grow plants. NFT and Ebb and Flow are two systems that are very different. You should consider the differences between the two methods before deciding which is better for you.

The plants are kept from getting too wet by the thin amount of water and nutrients. The plants can't dry out between feedings if the water is continuous. The upper parts of the roots have regular access to oxygen, which can keep the whole plant from dying.

The biggest difference between NFT and Flow systems is how they work. They have similar designs, but they function differently. NFT uses a constant flow of water and nutrients, whereas Ebb and Flow spreads it out.

The NFT and Ebb and Flow systems have the same design. They function differently once you set them up. Knowing how each system works is important to deciding which system is better for you.

The tray should be filled with water and nutrients by the time the hose goes over it. You may need a longer hose if your garden is over a certain height. You need something to set the tray on angle so that it works.

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